Twitter Spin-Off For Moms?

Just as we’re all getting used to Twitter, there’s a new version!

Well, sort of.

Parenting site Today’s Mama has created its own 140-character max, @reply-laden, #hashtag-usin’ social media tool. It was bound to happen, and so far Twitter hasn’t seemed too fussed about it.

I guess our question is, do we need this?

It’s certainly targeted, and if all you want is to connect with other moms who use this site, then this makes sense. For now, however, we’re happy with the original. That is, until we jump on the bandwagon and launch our own social media tools.

Click here to read a story about Today’s Mama’s version, including an interview with savvy founder Rachael Herrscher. And click here to follow us on the normal Twitter.

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