Vegas baby!

The hubby and I have never been away together, from our girl, for more than one night (overnights at the in-laws). We needed a getaway, just the two of us. So here we are in Vegas at the Bellagio. Together, we and another couple, who have left their five-year-old daughter with her grandparents, are living la dolce vita. It is loud, it is glam, it is freaking hot but it is fabulous.

Yes, we have moments of missing our girl, especially when we see similarly aged kids splashing in the pool and having a great time. Then there are moments when we see tired, frazzled parents pushing their child’s stroller through the big crowds late at night with the child wailing cause she is up too late and is just exhausted. That’s when we exchange knowing glances at each other with the same thought-I am glad that is not us.

I’ve heard Vegas is great for kids and families. Lots of pools, tons of free stuff to see and do. But sometimes you really do need to take a trip without the kids. We get up when we want, not when our girl dictates morning has arrived. We don’t have to make sure she is entertained. We can go to the casino when we want. This trip is for us. Hell, we even renewed our vows (10 years) in the presence of an Elvis (trust me, it was AWESOME!). But you’ll have to read about that in our next Love issue.

Robin, CF‘s Senior Editor

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