Video Game Reviews by Kids: Jonas, The Video Game

What with the recent weddings and so forth, the Jonas Brothers are all over the entertainment news these days. Good news is, they’re also all over video game consoles, for those who are fans or just dreaming of being the next musical heartthrob. The new Jonas video game ($34) for the Nintendo DS allows players to play as Ben, Nick or Kevin, and use their musical prowess to keep fans under control, rock out on stage and experience all kinds of adventures with familiar friends and music from the show. Nine-year-old Benjemin of Cambridge, Ont., offered to test Jonas: The Video Game for us, along with help from his buddy Nic, also 9.

Benjemin loved the game, stating it was awesome, and he particularly enjoyed playing guitar to wake up the brothers, and would recommend it to both boys and girls, thanks to the guitar-playing aspects.

Mom Sara kindly transcribed some of the conversation between Ben and Nic during game play, which we hope provides insight related to how much our testers enjoyed the game:

Ben: “Awesome! I amped it with enough juice!” (Meaning: he played guitar well enough to charge the Stellavator.)

Nic: “You have to do it [play guitar] in a time limit. That sucks.”

Ben: “Oh, I get it. It’s smart. Makes you think fast.”

Nic: “Nic loves this game and he is a game freak. Aww, dude. There is a huge stereo here. Amp it with more power!”

Ben: “Whoa. You get to sew your clothes after the fans adore you? The hotties practically stripped ya!” (Meaning: If you’re not doing so well, Jonas-mania gets out of control and, adoring fans mob you.) “Cool, you can change their outfits. Make him all fancy, make him all dress code-ish.”

Nic: “I’m going to put him in Scottish pants. No, no. He’s going to school in PJs.”

Ben: “Oh cool. Send him to school naked!”

(Much giggling ensues.)

Nic: “I wish I was him.”

Ben: “That’s all Nic dreams about; having girls scream and chase after him.”

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