Where We Escape to on Really Bad Days

We don’t think we’re alone in saying that there are some days we’d like to escape. On some days, there are things—whether work-related or family-related—that stir in us a deep desire to pack up and just run away. And generally, there is some vague job description attached to this escape plan, as in “I am so sick of *insert annoyance here* that I want to run away to BC and sell blackberries on the side of the road.”

We did an office poll, and asked everyone for their escape jobs. Here’s where you should look for us if this blog suddenly goes silent one day:

• “I would be the person who names nail polish colours. Or paint colours. Or any colours.”

• “I would move to the woods and live in a log cabin and train grizzly bears for movies.”

• “I would be a cat whisperer. They’re really just like tiny horses anyway.”

• “I’d like to be the person that sits at the top of a lookout pier of a pirate ship. Not in a Titanic, cold-weather, life-or-death situation….but in a Caribbean pirate kind of way.”

• “I’d like to go hang out and play with different orphans around the world. Kids in need always seem to bring things into perspective.”

• “I’d be the person at Wonderland (amusement park) who tells people they are too short to ride the BEST rides. I feel it would be gratifying being that I am only 5’0″. Glorious.”

• “I would like to be the gal who works the towel booth at a Caribbean all-inclusive. Hand out towels. Enjoy the weather in the shade for my oh-so-pale skin. And probably get in some reading.”

• “I would have a booth like Lucy from Peanuts and dispense brilliant advice for a small fee.”

• “I would rub oil onto male models at photo shoots.”

So, what’s your escape plan?

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