Young Toronto Girl Squeezes a Little Love From a Lot of Lemons

Not many 13-year-olds can say they have rubbed elbows with the likes of Donald Trump and Larry King, but Toronto native Amanda Belzowski can check that off her to-do list.

For basically all of Amanda’s waking life, she has run a lemonade stand to raise money for Pediatric Heart and Stroke research. Her hard work tugged at heartstrings across the city and to date she has raised over $150,000 and she hopes to raise $200,000 in 2011. Amanda is also an Ambassador of the Power, which is an organization that collects pledges for volunteer hours from citizens and businesses. Currently the organization has collected 2,000,000 pledged volunteer hours. Amanda wears many hats for someone of such a tender age, but her work doesn’t stop there.

Now that the lemonade stand is entering its 13th year, Amanda has decided to hand the reins over to her 4 ¾-year-old brother, Joshua, so she can pursue other volunteering avenues.

On January 30, Amanda is hosting the “Nothing’s Impossible Young Entrepreneur’s Conference,” where she will teach her peers her 5 secrets on creating social change in their communities. The conference will begin at 9am at the Lipa Green Centre (a Jewish Community Centre) located at 4600 Bathurst Street, Toronto. Amanda is also hosting “Lemon Stock” in June and has added the Soles4Souls organization to her social movement roster.

For more information on “Lemon Stock,” and to register for the “Nothing’s Impossible Young Entrepreneur’s Conference,” visit Amanda’s website at Amanda’s Lemonade Stand.

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