13 Over-the-top School Lunches You Have To See To Believe

13 incredibly creative (and delicious!) lunches for kids.

First things first: We not actually suggesting that you should kill yourself trying to duplicate these incredible boxed lunches. If amazing school lunches are your thing and you want to give one or two of these a try, knock yourself out.

For most of us, though, just looking is enough. The artistry, creativity and—ohmygod—time that goes into these things is just really something. It’s clearly a passion for these bento-devoted moms. Let’s hope their kids show their appreciation by devouring every bite (or at least most of the bites?).

Here’s what we learned while putting this together. There is a lot of special equipment behind those Pinterest-worthy lunches. If you want to get in on the action, you should order some moulds, cutters, picks and bento boxes from a website like Fenigo.com in Waterloo, Ontario.

Or you can just take a gander at this round-up of these 13 incredibly creative lunches for kids.



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