2013 Canadian Family Food Award Winners


And the winners of the 5th Annual Canadian Family Food Awards are…

Favourite tea: Tetley

Favourite yogurt or yogurt drink (adult): Activia

Favourite kids/toddler cereal: General Mills Cheerios

Favourite cold cereal: General Mills Cheerios

Favourite margarine/spread: Becel

Favourite high-fibre cereal (over 4 g fibre per serving): Raisin Bran

Favourite drip/brew coffee: Tim Horton’s

Favourite bagels: Dempster’s

Favourite oatmeal/oats: Quaker Oats

Favourite jam/honey: Smucker’s Jams

Favourite butter: Lactantia

Favourite bread: Dempster’s

Favourite cereal/granola bars (adults): Nature Valley

Favourite home fries/hash browns: Cavendish

Favourite frozen chicken fingers/nuggets: Janes

Favourite single-serve drink/tetra box: Minute Maid

Favourite Greek yogurt: Liberté

Favourite packaged granola: Quaker Harvest Crunch

Favourite fruit juice: Tropicana

Favourite infant pouch/jar food: Heinz

Favourite breakfast sausage (pork and turkey): Johnsonville

Favourite frozen waffle/pancake: Kellogg’s Eggo

Favourite English muffin: Dempster’s

Favourite cereal/granola bars (kids): Quaker

Favourite instant coffee: Maxwell House

Favourite bacon (pork and turkey): Maple Leaf

Favourite kid crackers: Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Crackers

Favourite cheese (brick, slice and shredded): Black Diamond Brick

Favourite cracker: Christie Ritz

Favourite milk alternative: Almond Breeze

Favourite yogurt or yogurt drink (kids): Yoplait Tubes

Favourite orange juice: Tropicana

Favourite eggs (liquid): Egg Creations

Favourite ice cream or frozen yogurt: Chapman’s

Favourite infant cereal: Heinz

Favourite beef burgers: M&M Meat Shops

Favourite alternative burgers (chicken, turkey, veggie): Janes Chicken Burger

Favourite meat substitute: Yves Veggie Cuisine

Favourite convenience entree: Cheemo Perogies

Favourite tomato pasta sauce: Classico

Favourite canned tomatoes and tomato paste: Aylmer

Favourite side dish: Kraft Dinner

Favourite infant formula: Enfamil

Favourite traditional pasta: Catelli

Favourite hot dog/sausage: Maple Leaf

Favourite cold cuts: Maple Leaf Natural Selections

Favourite frozen vegetables: Green Giant

Favourite frozen fruit: Europe’s Best

Favourite cookies: Christie Oreo

Favourite canned vegetables: Green Giant

Favourite cheese snack: Babybel

Favourite canned fish: Clover Leaf

Favourite snacks (chips, nachos, pretzels): Lays

Favourite canned/jarred fruit: Del Monte

Favourite baked/popped snacks: Orville Redenbacher’s


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