5 Bento Lunches That Are (Almost) Too Awesome to Eat

These creative bento boxes turn lunch into a work of art!

It’s no secret that we love bento lunches here at Canadian Family. If you’ve got a picky eater on your hands, sometimes a creative bento lunch of cute finger foods can make all the difference. We also appreciate that you can make your bento as simple or elaborate as you’d like. And when it comes to elaborate bento lunches, these kitchen wizards aren’t messing around! Here are a few amazing bento lunches that are almost too awesome to eat (almost!).

Inspired to try making your own bento box lunches? We’ve got 13 Bento Lunch Ideas to get you started.



Chinese Opera Costume bento from My Mealbox

Source: MyMealbox.com


Frida Kahlo bento by Brooklyn Bento

Source: BrooklynBento.wordpress.com


Star Wars bento by Sandwich Architecture

Source: Sandwich Architecture


Canada Goose bento by Sakurako Kitsa

Source: Sakurako Kitsa, via Flickr

Where the Wild Things Are bento by Anna the Red

Where the Wild Things Are bento by Anna the Red

Source: Anna the Red
More bento ideas:

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