9 Simple School Lunch Tips for Picky Eaters

Got picky eaters? You can make sure that your kids are getting a balanced school lunch that won't be traded for 2 Twinkies and Fruit by the Foot.


Between trips to the mall for new clothes (that they all of a sudden are in need of) and various other stores for back-to-school gear they didn’t know they needed, there’s another topic that may be weighing on your mind this month: what on earth am I going to feed these kids?

It can be hard to get kids to eat a filling and satisfying lunch—especially if they’re picky eaters. But we have a few ideas that might just save you this school year…

Dealing with a picky eater? Try these 7 tips:

1. Make a wrap—instead of a sandwich—and fill with thinly sliced veggies, meat and cheese.

2. Let them eat sushi! Kids love the tiny, compact rolls, even if they don’t love raw fish. Try these awesome recipes for sushi for beginners.

3. Pack sandwich fillings and toppings on little crackers, instead of bread and let them make their own “Lunchables.”

glad-disney-bags4. Pack veggies, fruit, crackers, meats and cheeses separately like a picnic in fun, decorated bags like the Glad Disney Zipper bags (available at Loblaws) to get their attention.

5. Pack a veggie- and protein-filled salad—like a Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad—and top with nuts, cheese or beans.

6. Wrap lunch meat around a cheese stick for a bread-free wrap. Pack along with sliced red peppers and mini tomatoes with a small container of hummus and they’ve got a lot of good stuff to choose from.

7. Make sandwiches in fun shapes using a favourite cookie cutter (you can get all sorts of shapes and sized including dinosaurs, flowers, cars and puzzle shapes!).

8. Give them leftovers. If they ate it for dinner and loved it, chances are they’ll (miraculously) have the same reaction to it the next day (or two days later) for lunch. Quesadillas or meatballs are an excellent choice.

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You can also download our weekly lunch planner here.

Tell us: What’s your child’s ultimate school lunch option?


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