A Healthy Snack for Kids: Food Train Centrepiece

Curb your child's sweet tooth with healthy snacks for any party or get together.

Photography by Carlo Mendoza

Join the healthy-food train with this nutritious centrepiece that will give your youngest and hungriest guests something to nibble on before mealtime. The cars are made out of crisp bread and graham crackers, with cream cheese and seed butter to attach the pieces together. Then a combination of healthy snacks, including raisins, fruit leathers, fruit and veggies, and individual-serving cheese and meats, are used to adorn the train and fill each car.

Train timeline:
• The night before: Cut veggies and place in water, cut fruit leathers into desired shapes and wrap in plastic wrap; store all in fridge overnight.

• Two hours before: Unwrap meat and cheese; construct the train frame; store in fridge.

• Immediately before: Cut fruit and assemble train. Use toothpicks and seed butter or cream cheese to keep everything in place.

We think this would be a great centrepiece for a birthday party, or at a family gathering. It’s sure to please even the pickiest eaters! Kids will have fun emptying the cars and then deconstructing the delicious train one bite at a time.

For more great healthy snack ideas, try this Ernie and Bert fruit snack, or some Kermit’s Green Apples.

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