A Summery Sunday Brunch Idea: “Watermelon” Waffles

Photography by Kelli, Random Thoughts of a Supermom

Ah, watermelon. It’s not exactly nature’s most portable summer fruit, but we adore it just the same. A slice of fresh, juicy watermelon on a hot afternoon is not only refreshing, but also completely delicious. (Just watch out for the seeds!)

If your little ones are fans of watermelon then they’re going to love this breakfast recipe from Kelli at Random Thoughts of a Supermom. With just a couple extra ingredients, you can take your regular breakfast waffles and turn them into something even more fun—watermelon slices!

What you’ll need:
• Your favourite waffle mix (box or homemade)
• Red food colouring
• Green food colouring
• Chocolate chips

You’ll find the full directions for this recipe over on Kelli’s website. As always, if you want to boost the nutrition factor (and add a hint of flavour), you can tint your batter with fruit and veggie juice instead of food colouring. As for the seeds—well, when it comes to these watermelon slices, they may just be the best part.

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