Almond Butter Cookies: A Sweet Afternoon Treat

Here at the Canadian Family office it’s a grey, gloomy day outside. Talk about a bummer! If you find yourself indoors with the kids today, we suggest pulling out a favourite board game and whipping up a batch of these yummy Almond Butter Cookies. (Go ahead and snack on a few almonds while you wait for these cookies to finish baking—they’re good for you!)

What you’ll need:
• Cooking spray
• All-purpose flour
• Whole wheat flour
• Salt
• Baking soda
• Unsalted butter
• Unsalted almond butter (smooth)
• Light brown sugar
• Granulated sugar
• Vanilla extract
• Egg
• Almonds

We’re sure that these tasty cookies are going to be a hit with the whole family. Get the full recipe and baking directions. And for more great rainy-day baking ideas, check out our food section!

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