Breakfast for Dessert: Candy Bacon and Eggs

Photography by Taste of Home,

If you’re a fan of pretzel buttons (we definitely are!), we think you’ll love this great idea from Taste of Home that takes the oh-so-easy, salty-sweet treat idea to the next level: candy bacon and eggs.

Much like regular pretzel buttons, this recipe couldn’t be easier. With just three simple ingredients and a microwave you’ll have a super cute snack that is guaranteed to be a hit with the kids. And because there is no baking necessary, it’s a great recipe for even your youngest chef to try.

What you’ll need:
• White chocolate chips
• Yellow or orange M&Ms
• Pretzel sticks

You’ll find the complete recipe and directions for candy bacon and eggs over at Taste of Home. We’ve also spotted variations of this recipe elsewhere on the web that use yogurt candy chips instead of white chocolate chips for a different taste. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination! And if you’re looking for more quick and easy treat ideas, check out these Chewy-Gooey Popcorn Pops and No-Bake Chocolate Cereal Graham Bars.

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