Broiled Grapefruit is Delicious: Who Knew?

Image courtesty of quinn.anya via flickr (CC)

Image courtesty of quinn.anya via flickr (CC)

I’ve always loved grapefruit. In fact, if I can find one silver lining in this cold mess that we call winter in Canada, it’s that there’s grapefruit aplenty. Sectioned and drizzled with honey, peeled and devoured like an orange, or crushed and strained into pretty juice glass, I was perfectly content with these, my chosen methods of consumption.

That is, until I discovered broiled grapefruit. Yup–as in cooked in the oven and served warm. Who knew, right?

It couldn’t be easier to prepare and it’s great any time of day. It’s a no-brainer for breakfast, a fabulous accompaniment to brunch and a yummy post-dinner snack when a sweet craving hits.

Here’s what to do:

Cut a grapefruit in half crosswise and carefully cut around each membrane to loosen the fruit. Sprinkle with whichever kind of sugar you prefer and a bit of cinnamon. Broil for about 10 to 15 minutes until the sugar has melted and the top starts to get brown. Let cool for a few minutes and serve.

–Christina, CF’s former managing editor

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