150 Canadian Inspired Recipes for Canada’s 150th Anniversary

What does Canada taste like to you? Is it pierogies from the Prairies, salmon from BC, tortière from Quebec, mussels from PEI or pork and beef from our farmlands across the country...? Or, is it something completely different?

What makes Canadian food unique and special?

Our lives revolve around it, our dreams are punctuated by it and our families are pulled together by way of it. Food is the essence of everyday life, the thing that we can’t live without and the reason we get up in the morning and why we sit down every night (even if it is sometimes in front of the television!).

Even though it unites us all, it also marks, almost like no other part of life, our varieties and distinctions. What does Canada taste like to someone who perhaps didn’t grow up here from childhood, or someone who left here and then returned having experienced other places and other cultures? Or what differences would be noted by someone who grew up in the Prairies or the East or West coast of Canada? There are so many diverse food cultures in this country that it seems almost impossible to experience even a fraction of them in a lifetime.

Here is what Canada tastes like to us…did we miss anything?


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