Celebrate National Root Beer Float Day

Image Courtesy of Tender Crumb

Recapture a simpler time, while introducing your kids to the classic root beer float on…wait for it…National Root Beer Float Day!

As legend has it, this yummy dessert drink was originally created by Frank Wisner of Cripple Creek, Colorado, when he (ingeniously) decided to float a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of his glass of root beer. He named his creation the “black cow” after catching a glimpse of the shimmering snow cap on nearby Cow Mountain. Of course, times change and we now refer to it as the “root beer float”

Whether you call it a “black cow”, or the more modern “root beer float”, celebrate this obscure holiday by serving up the best homemade root beer float–your kids won’t care what you call it!

Want to go all out? Pair your floats with these mini root beer float cupcakes or this root beer cake for a full-fledged celebration.

And while the kiddies are indulging in their classic floats, mix up a fun adult version for yourself. Try out this recipe using Three Olives Root Beer Flavoured Vodka:

Three-O Root Beer Float
– 2 oz. Three Olives Root Beer Vodka
– 4 oz. root beer
– Float 1 scoop vanilla ice cream on top


Now, what’s next, a National Brownie Day (we hope so)?

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