Pack Snacks that Kids Will Eat

Delicious lunch-box treats your kids will eat—not trade—and that will keep them going through the day.


Amp up the power of your kid’s lunch-box treats with these power packed additions:

  • Whole-wheat tortilla spread with cream cheese, sprinkled with shredded carrots and roasted sunflower seeds, then rolled up.
  • Pita triangles with hummus.
  • Celery sticks filled with spreadable cream cheese or sunflower butter.
  • Plain or vanilla yogurt swirled with apple sauce and granola.
  • Bread sticks and baba ghanouj (smoky eggplant dip from your supermarket deli).
  • Whole-wheat tortilla spread with honey mustard, then rolled tightly around a slice of deli meat and a cheese string.

Note: Packing moist towelettes in your child’s lunch box will remind them to wash their hands before eating.


Baby Baked Eggs and Potatoes
These are best eaten warm or room-temperature, so pack in a thermos type container. Choose medium-sized potatoes to allow room for the egg.

Awesome Oatmeal Bars
Oatmeal bars are the perfect snack for kids on the run, but why bake your own when the stores are full of them? Well, our scrumptious version is lower in calories and sodium than most supermarket bars.

Wicked-Good Pizza Muffins
These calcium-rich muffins freeze well, can be packed in a lunch box straight from the freezer and will thaw by afternoon recess.

Scrambled Egg “Cupcakes”
You can vary these wholesome, bite-size snacks by adding your child’s favourite veggies to the mix barely cooked chopped broccoli, diced sweet red pepper or thawed frozen peas are all good choices. If you don’t have a mini muffin pan, use a regular muffin pan, divide the egg mixture among 6 cups and bake for 20 minutes.

Mango-Banana Smoothie
This shake is ideal for kids on the go and too-cool-for-lunch teens. Ground flaxseed, a source of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids is available in the health-food or bulk section of most large supermarkets. Frozen mango chunks can be substituted for fresh; just toss into the blender from the freezer.

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