Cute and Healthy Snack Idea: A Pretty Pink Flamingo

Beat the heat with this adorable summer snack—a flamingo made out of watermelon!


Photography by Jill Dubien

Here’s another super simple, refreshing summer snack. My kids just love watermelon, especially this time of year when it’s fresh, juicy and tasting its best. This fun flamingo snack only uses a few ingredients and I was able to whip it up in just minutes. This is how I made it:

What you’ll need:

1 large slice of watermelon
1 carrot
1 segment of clementine or small orange
1 icing eye (or use a small fruit or veggie)
sharp kitchen knife


1. Grab your large slice of watermelon and, using your knife, slice out a flamingo body, s-shaped neck and head. Place this large piece of watermelon on a plate.

2. With the remaining bits of watermelon, slice out a small feather or wing and place this on top of the flamingo’s body.

3. Take your carrot and make 2 long thin slices with your knife. Place these on your plate for the flamingo’s legs. Slice off 2 small rounds from your carrot and cut out tiny triangles to make some feet. Place these underneath your flamingo’s legs on the plate.

4. Grab your clementine or orange segment and place it at the bottom of the flamingo’s head for it’s long beak.

5. Finally, place your icing eye on your flamingo.

Enjoy this healthy and refreshing summer snack! It will definitely help cool off your kiddos in the summer heat.

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