Cute Easter Bunny Cupcakes

With Easter around the corner, it's time to plan the menu in preparation of your family gathering...we think it's always best to start with dessert.


If your holiday dinners are anything like mine, you’ll be surrounded by little ones constantly asking, “what’s for dessert?”.  I must admit, I too am a sucker for dessert and I love creating yummy dishes that not only taste great, but look amazing. There’s nothing more fun than a delicious custom cake or cupcakes that compliment the theme of the celebration.

I recruited my son, Sean, to help me come up with a kid-approved Easter dessert.  We both agree that these bunny cupcakes are not only cute, but are fun and super easy to create. Here we show you how it’s done.

What You’ll Need:


cupcakes covered in your favourite buttercream icing
pink sprinkles
chocolate chips
pink jellybeans


Cute Bunny Cupcakes

1. Cut a marshmallow diagonally to give you two bunny ears.

Cute Bunny Cupcakes

2. Dip the cut portion of the marshmallow into the pink sprinkles.

Cute Bunny Cupcakes

3. Place the marshmallow bunny ears on top of the cupcake.


Cute Bunny Cupcakes

4. Use chocolate chips to create eyes, and finish it off with a jellybean nose.

Cinnabean Cakes

5. Now you have cute bunnies.  These will be the perfect centrepiece for your Easter celebration.

Damion Nurse is an award-winning cake artist based in Toronto.  His bakery, Cinnabean Cakes, specializes in custom cakes.  His son, Sean, is a cupcake connoisseur. 

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