Cute Lunch Idea: Frosty the Sandwich

Tis the season of lots of sweets and treats – add some fruits and veggies to your kids' diet with this healthy sandwich recipe.


I just love this time of year. The kids are so excited for the holidays and there are so many fun crafts and foods to make. This Frosty the snowman sandwich was a great lunch for my kids and they thought he was so cute! He was pretty simple to make too, which always makes mommy happy! This is what you’ll need to make him…

What you’ll need:

2 slices of white bread
sandwich filling of your choice – I used chicken
1 large carrot stick
2 black olives, pitted
1 orange slice
half a green apple
1 slice of cucumber
a sharp kitchen knife
a veggie peeler
a drinking glass or circle cookie cutter


1. Make a sandwich using your 2 slices of white bread and sandwich filling of your choice. Take a large drinking glass or circle cookie cutter and cut your sandwich into a circle shape, discarding the crusts. Place sandwich on a plate.

2. Grab your large carrot stick and your veggie peeler and make a long, thin slice from top to bottom of your carrot. Wrap this long slice around your snowman for it’s scarf.

3. Still using your carrot, slice a triangle nose for your snowman using your knife. Place this carrot nose on your snowman.

4. Slice your 2 black olives in half. Take 2 halves and place them on your snowman for the eyes. Take the remaining olive and slice it into 5 small pieces for the mouth. Place the mouth on the snowman sandwich.

5. Now let’s assemble the hat. Your hat starts with 1 slice of navel orange, followed by half a green apple, and stick your slice of cucumber at the top.

Frosty is so cute, your kids are sure to love him – I know my kids did! Enjoy!

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