Cute Lunch Idea: Santa Claus Is Coming to Town!

This Christmas-inspired lunch is sure to be a hit with your little elves!


Photography by Jill Dubien

Our family is getting in the Christmas spirit! The tree is up, presents are being bought and letters are being sent to Santa. They are so excited. Last weekend I made them this adorable and fun Santa sandwich. It was pretty easy to make and the kiddos just loved it. I love seeing the joy on their faces when I present them these fun lunches. Here’s how you can make one for your little elves.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 slice of bread
  • Lunch meat of your choice—I used ham
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1 slice of mozzarella cheese
  • 1 sweet red pepper
  • 1 grape tomato
  • 1 radish
  • Black food colouring and toothpick
  • Sharp kitchen knife
  • A drinking glass


1. Using your drinking glass, cut circles out of your slice of bread and slice of lunch meat. Place the lunch meat on top of the bread and place it on a plate.

2. Using your knife, slice 1 piece of your sweet red pepper and place it on the plate for Santa’s hat.

3. Take some shredded mozzarella cheese and sprinkle some on for Santa’s beard and the bottom of Santa’s hat.

4. Using your knife (or small circle cookie cutters if you have them), cut out 2 circles for the eyes and 1 larger circle for Santa’s hat. Place these on your sandwich.

5. Using your knife, slice the bottom off your grape tomato and place on your sandwich for Santa’s nose.

6. Using your knife again, cut 2 slices off your radish and use for Santa’s cheeks.

7. Finally, dip a toothpick in some black gel food colouring and dot on Santa’s eyes.

This adorable Santa sandwich is sure to get your kids excited. It really was surprisingly easy to make too. Surprise your kids with this fun Santa lunch and enjoy the huge smiles on their faces!

Jill Dubien is a working mom who loves to craft and cook with her kiddos in her spare time. She has an awesome and supportive husband and 2 wonderful kids—a daughter who is 4 and a son who is 3. Before she had kids, Jill couldn’t cook much of anything except toast and cereal, and really despised being in the kitchen. Jill blogs at Meet the Dubiens, where she shares lots of fun foods and crafts for kids. You’ll find more of her cute recipe ideas here.

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