Cute Lunch Idea: Silly Sandwich

This hilarious looking sandwich makes a great school lunch for your kids, and the recipe is delightfully simple


Cute lunches for kids don’t need to be complicated! Sometimes all it takes is adding a few cute details that take no time at all. This silly sandwich is exactly that. When I’m short on time and need a quick lunch for the kids, I don’t have time to be fancy. It certainly doesn’t take long to add a few fruit or veggie details though. Those cute details take a plain lunch to the next level in seconds. This is how I made this silly sandwich…

What you’ll need

2 slices of bread
lunch meat of your choice
1 baby carrot
1 2-inch piece of cucumber
1 black olive
1 red grape
1 slice of tomato
1 slice of mozzarella cheese
a sharp kitchen knife


1. Prepare sandwich with lunch meat of your choice and place your sandwich on a plate.

2. Slice your baby carrot in half and place on either side of your sandwich for arms.

3. Slice your piece of cucumber in half and place underneath your sandwich for two legs.

4. Using your knife, slice away the insides of your piece of tomato leaving only the outer ring. Slice this outer ring into a smile and place this smile on your sandwich.

5. Slice your red grape in half and place on your sandwich for a nose.

6. Slice your piece of mozzarella cheese into 2 circles for the eyes and 7 small triangles for the teeth. Place these details on your sandwich.

7. Finally, slice your black olive in half and place 1 half on each of the mozzarella eye circles.

This sandwich is so silly, it’s sure to being a smile to your kid’s faces. Even better – it’s so easy to make, it’s also going to make you smile too. Enjoy!

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