Cute Snack Idea: A Colourful Fall Tree

Your kids will definitely enjoy eating healthy with this adorable, veggie-filled snack


Photography by Jill Dubien

Fall is in the air! The leaves are changing and the weather is just beautiful. Fall is my favourite time of year. The kids and I went on a great fall hike yesterday and saw all the beautiful colours of the changing leaves. The kids were in awe. I thought I would make us an easy fall snack when we got home. All I needed was a small leaf cookie cutter, some veggies, some cheese and a pretzel stick. I served some dressing on the side for dipping. Here are the directions:


What you’ll need:

  • Pepper slices – red, orange, and yellow
  • Cucumber slices
  • Marble cheese slices
  • Pretzel stick
  • Small container of dressing of your choice for dipping



1. Using your mini leaf cookie cutter, cut leaf shapes out of the peppers, cucumber and marble cheese.

2. Place a pretzel stick on your plate, and arrange the leaf shapes around the pretzel to make a beautiful tree.

3. Serve with dressing for dipping if your kids like it!

Enjoy this colourful and healthy fall snack. The kids loved it!

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