Cute Snack Idea: A Crabby Apple

Crabby Apple

Photography by Jill Dubien

This adorable little crabby apple couldn’t have been easier to make. My kids have been enjoying lots of fun and simple snacks this summer, and this was one of them. Basically all you need is a red apple and a knife. I added a couple eyes for decoration and sprinkled some graham crumbs on the plate to look like sand, both of which are optional. If your kids love apples, they’re going to love this snack. This is how I made it:

What you’ll need:

1 red apple
2 icing eyes
1 small dab of cream cheese or peanut butter
a sprinkling of graham cracker crumbs
1 sharp kitchen knife


1. Clean your apple, and using your knife, slice off 1 whole side. Lay this side, red side up, on a plate.

2. Using your knife again, slice the other whole side off the apple. Then slice this side in half and slice a small triangle out of each end.

3. Slice the remaining apple into 8 small pieces. Place these 8 small pieces around the crab for the legs.

4. Grab the claws that you previously cut, and place them in front of the 2 front legs.

5. Take a tiny dab of cream cheese or peanut butter and use that to stick on 2 icing eyes.

6. Sprinkle some graham cracker crumbs on the plate for sand.

Talk about easy and fun! This snack uses almost an entire whole red apple, so there is little waste. Give this crabby little apple a try—I bet your kids will love it!

Jill Dubien is a working mom who loves to craft and cook with her kiddos in her spare time. She has an awesome and supportive husband and 2 wonderful kids—a daughter who is 4 and a son who is 3. Before she had kids, Jill couldn’t cook much of anything except toast and cereal, and really despised being in the kitchen. Jill blogs at Meet the Dubiens, where she shares lots of fun foods and crafts for kids.

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  2. Liz Armiger says:

    This is Awesome I Love crabs and this is so cute would make a great idea for kids partys