Cute Snack Idea: In Flanders Fields

This healthy snack is a great way to approach the subject of Remembrance Day with your kids.


It’s Remembrance Day in Canada today and it’s a great time to remind children why and what we are remembering today. I remember reciting the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ every single Remembrance Day when I was a kid and now it’s a poem that I can share with my kids. I made them a field full of poppy flowers for a snack while I shared the poem with them. They happily munched away while I explained the significance of this day. This snack was really easy to make and only takes 2 ingredients! Here are the instructions…

What you’ll need

1 stalk of celery
4 fresh strawberries
a sharp kitchen knife


1. Grab your stalk of celery and your knife and slice about 15 thin slices off your celery stalk. Place these thin pieces on a plate to cover the ground.

2. With the remaining celery, slice very thin slices that will become the poppy stems. Place these on your plate.

3. Take your strawberries and using your knife, slice the strawberries into thin slices. Arrange these thin slices into poppy shapes on your plate. I used 3 strawberry slices per flower.

This snack is a great way to approach the subject of Remembrance Day with your kids and it’s really easy to make! Enjoy!

5 responses to “Cute Snack Idea: In Flanders Fields”

  1. […] Today is Remembrance Day in Canada and I made this field of poppy flowers snack for the kiddos. It was a great snack for them to have while I told them the significance of this day. To get all the details, please visit Canadian Family. […]

  2. 7th_son says:

    Excellent idea-can’t wait to do with my grand kids

  3. Reader1114 says:

    I’m usually a fan of fun snacks to mark special occasions, but in the case it seems very inappropriate to take the poppy, a symbol of such horror and sacrifice, and turn it into a cutesy snack to eat. I think perhaps there are other ways introduce kids to the symbol and the significance of the day that better maintain it’s dignity and solemnity.

  4. Lila says:

    I think that it’s a great way to reiterate everything that they learn about this day. Cute snack, Jill.

  5. Just a thought says:

    I respectfully disagree
    I come from an army family, I support the Canadian Legion and attend Remembrance Day ceremonies annually.
    I think this is a huge topic that is sometimes overwhelming for adults to comprehend.
    I think this is a lovely way to bring this up with children.
    I believe it’s the tone and the spirit we need to set as adults for the kids to learn

    Remembering and teaching in gentle ways can lead into a lifetime of respect and wonder.

    Lest we forget
    Thanks to our troops past and present