Cute Snack Idea: Peary Cute Penguin

Learn how to turn a brown pear and carrot in to a creative kids' snack they'll love!


To celebrate World Penguin Day (it’s a thing, I promise), I made this really easy penguin snack made out of a brown pear. I used only three ingredients to make this cute little guy and the kids thought he was delicious! Here are the instructions…

What you’ll need:

1 brown pear
1 baby carrot
2 icing eyes
a sharp kitchen knife


1. Grab your brown pear and using your knife, slice the brown skin off the bottom half of the pear. Also make a slice off the back of the pear so that the pear will lie flat on the plate. Place your large piece of pear on a plate.

2. Take the remaining slice you cut off the back of the pear and slice it in half. Place the halves on either side of the penguin’s body for it’s wings.

3. Using your knife, slice your baby carrot into a triangle shape for a nose and 2 circles for the feet. Place these on your penguin.

4. Finally, stick 2 icing eyes on the penguin’s face.

So easy and so cute! This adorable little penguin snack is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Enjoy!

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