Cute Snack Idea: Pumpkin Cheese and Crackers

This Halloween snack is a healthy alternative to mini chocolate bars and candies that are everywhere this season.


Halloween is almost here and we’re busy having some spooky fun at my house! The kids have been enjoying lots of Halloween activities and foods – including these awesome jack o’lantern cheese and cracker snacks. These were super simple to make and they are a healthy snack for kids during this sugar-filled holiday. Even better – this snack only requires three ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen! This is how you make them…

What you’ll need:

round whole-wheat crackers
slices of cheddar cheese
sharp kitchen knife
small cutters in triangle, circle, and mouth shapes – or use a knife


1. Place some whole wheat crackers on a plate.

2. For each cracker you are going to need 1 circle of cheddar cheese. I used a small circle cutter I had. You could also use a drinking glass or just use a knife.

3. Using either your knife, or small cutters if you have them, cut a face out of each of your cheddar circles. You’ll need 2 eyes, 1 nose, and a mouth.

4. Place your cheddar circles on top of your crackers.

5. Grab your cucumber and cut small pieces off for the pumpkin stems. Place these stems above each cracker.

That’s it! Simple and spooky — what an awesome Halloween treat. Enjoy!

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