Cute Snack Idea: Sweet Baby Whale in a Blueberry Sea!

A plum and some blueberries become an adorable whale snack for kids

Photography by Jill Dubien

Photography by Jill Dubien

Here’s another healthy summer snack that your kids are sure to enjoy! It was simple to put together and only used a couple ingredients. The kids just loved the water (blueberries) sprouting from the whale and it was so simple to do by using just a couple toothpicks. Here’s how I made this sweet little whale snack:

What you’ll need:

1 plum
a handful of blueberries
2 icing eyes
a tiny dab of cream cheese
2 toothpicks
a sharp kitchen knife


1. Slice the bottom quarter off of your plum and reserve. Place in a small shallow dish.

2. Surround the plum with fresh, washed blueberries.

3. Slice your remaining plum piece in half. From these pieces, also cut out a tiny smile for the whale.

4. To make the tail, take the 2 equal plum pieces and stand them in the dish behind the whale. The blueberries will help hold those pieces up.

5. Spread tiny dabs of cream cheese on the back of the icing eyes and the back of the smile. Press these onto the plum whale.

6. Finally, slide 4 blueberries onto one of the toothpicks. Stick this toothpick into the top of the plum. Grab your other toothpick and slide it through the top blueberry. Then place 2 blueberries on either end of it.

This sweet little whale snack is sure to satisfy your hungry kids appetite and make them smile too! Enjoy!

Jill Dubien is a working mom who loves to craft and cook with her kiddos in her spare time. She has an awesome and supportive husband and 2 wonderful kids—a daughter who is 4 and a son who is 3. Before she had kids, Jill couldn’t cook much of anything except toast and cereal, and really despised being in the kitchen. Jill blogs at Meet the Dubiens, where she shares lots of fun foods and crafts for kids.

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