Cute Snack Idea: The Mouse Loves Cheese

This cute pear mouse is a sweet and simple snack idea—you can probably make it with what you have on hand right now


Photography by Jill Dubien

This adorable little mouse and cheese snack was super simple to make, and I think it turned out just adorable—and so did the kids! This recipe is loaded with healthy foods to make a satisfying snack for your busy kids. I used ingredients I had on hand and whipped this cute snack up in minutes. This is what you’ll need to make one yourself:

What you’ll need

1 bosc pear (brown)
1 slice of cheddar cheese
2 thin slices of carrot (I used yellow carrot)
1 strip of green onion
1 slice of cheese string
2 icing eyes
dab of cream cheese
sharp kitchen knife
small circle cutter


1. Wash your pear. Slice the bottom off the pear so that it can rest on a plate.

2. Grab your slice of cheddar cheese, and using your small circle cutter, make circles and half-circles in the cheese. Place your cheese on the plate.

3. Take one of the leftover circle pieces of cheese, and place a tiny amount of cream cheese on the back and stick it on the pear mouse for a nose.

4. Take your slice of cheese string and place it on the back of your pear mouse for a mouse tail.

5. Grab your knife and make four slits in the pear—two at the top of the head for the ears, and one on each side of the mouse’s face for the whiskers.

6. Slide your carrot slices into the slits you just made at the top of the mouse’s head. Now you have ears!

7. Slice your green onion into 6 small and thin strips. Place these strips (3 on each side), in the slits you made on the mouse’s face. Now you have whiskers!

8. Finally, take your icing eyes and place a tiny dab of cream cheese on the back and stick them on your pear mouse for eyes.

This adorable snack is not only super healthy for your kids, but it’s super easy to make and super cute too. Enjoy!

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