The Great Shreddies Debate: Diamond vs. Square

Photo by Sofia Kinachtchouk

As winter gives way to warmer temperatures (and by “warmer” we mean “almost 10 degrees”), we’ve been skipping our hot and heavy morning oatmeal for something a little more light, but still just as nutritious – breakfast cereal.

Head to your local cereal aisle and you’ll notice that there is no shortage of choices for this quick and easy breakfast staple. But one advertising campaign in particular has really grabbed our attention: the Shreddies Diamond vs. Square debate. Between the silly, fun commercials and the “Canada Votes 2009” spot on their website, we can’t help but smile every time we pour ourselves a bowl.

Not sure if Shreddies is the right cereal for your little ones? Check out what our Family Testers had to say! You can also find some helpful nutritional information here.

To our fellow Shreddies fans, we simply have to ask: Diamonds, or Squares? Or is there another brand that your little ones just can’t live without?

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