23 Easy Beef Recipes

We've rounded up the easiest beef recipes for beef-lovers. These recipes make for quick, simple dinner or lunch ideas.

Beef is a great source of protein. Don’t know what to do with left over, frozen or fresh meat? We’ve rounded up quick and easy beef recipes for busy weeknights.

Beef tips: Brightly coloured meat is preferred. The upper back muscles are the least exercised, made for a more tender cut, which include: rib, short loin and sirloin. Ground beef on the other hand is labelled differently, from ground sirloin (most lean, with 15% fat), ground round, ground chuck to hamburger (also known as plain ground beef, with 30% fat).

Refrigerate beef for up two days. Frozen beef can stay inside your freezer for up to three months for ground beef and six months for solid cuts.

Cheaper cuts take more time to cook and are less tender. These cuts are best for stewing or braising.

What are you waiting for? Beef up!

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