Easy Fix for Fussy Eaters: Saucy Grilled Chicken Wings Made to Order

Photography by Gav Martell

Say hello to our new food columnist, Gav Martell. By day, Gav is vice president at a software company. By night, he’s busy cooking up a storm, exploring culinary adventures, watching copious amounts of Food Network, drinking a nice red wine, training for half-marathons, playing endless amounts of hockey, and being a dad to three awesome taste-testers—not necessarily in that order. Gav started cooking 15 years ago in university, and has never stopped. Eventually, his love of food (and multiple requests from family and friends for his recipes) led him to the world of food blogging. You can find Gav on his food blog, Grill Interrupted, or dishing advice over at the YummyMummyClub. Each Monday, he’ll be sharing a yummy recipe or some great food tips to help your family get the most out of mealtime.


I love grilling, and for the most part everyone in my house loves dinner from the grill. However, sometimes it can be a challenge keeping all of the adults and kids happy with the dish du jour. A lot of my recipes have been adapted so that I can grill one item, but make various options for those fussy eaters. By adjusting how I finish the food after it comes off the grill, I can avoid making too much work for myself while grilling.

One of the favourite recipes in our house is for grilled chicken wings. Once prepared, I simply toss individual portions in a bowl with each person’s favourite sauce. Hot sauce for me, peppercorn ranch for my wife, barbecue sauce and honey garlic for the kids. One simple dish to grill resulting in many options at the table.

I also really like that I can give my kids a healthier option for wings than the fried variety they’d get eating them in a restaurant. Some people tell me grilling chicken wings can be scary. Grease drippings and flare-ups can quickly ruin your dinner if you don’t mind your grill. The trick here is to control your heat and not try to cook them on high heat. Also, you won’t want to add your sauce until after the wings come off the grill. Otherwise, the sugars in the sauce will usually burn before your wings have properly cooked. Here’s my sure-fire way to make wings at home on your grill.

Photography by Gav Martell

• Chicken wings (approx 1 lb per person)
• Paprika
• Kosher Salt
• Fresh ground pepper
• Your family’s favourite sauces

1 Heat the grill over medium heat. Season wings with paprika, salt and pepper, to taste.

2 Place wings on grill and close grill (this will avoid flare-ups and conserve heat). Turn chicken wings every few minutes until cooked, about 20 minutes. Remove wings from grill.

3 While still hot, place individual portions of wings in a medium-sized bowl and toss with desired sauce. Serve.

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