5 Tips for Summer Food and Wine Pairings


Backyard gatherings are lovely…especially when the weather is warm and the drinks are flowing. But, do you know how to pair wine with food for your upcoming BBQ bash? Here are some tips from Fleur du Cap wines.

Tip# 1: Find a Balance or Counterbalance

Find shared characteristics between the wine and food you’re serving, or look for elements between the wine and food that counterbalance each other (think spicy food paired with a sweeter wine).

Tip# 2: Red Wine with Red Meat

Red wines like the Fleur du Cap Cabernet Sauvignon, pair well with grilled beef or lamb dishes. The tannic backbone of the wine complements the richness of the meat. Here are 23 tasty steak recipes and 3 delicious ways to enjoy leg of lamb.

Tip# 3: White to Balance Spicy

When grilling chicken and salmon opt for a white wine like Fleur du Cap’s Chardonnay. The fresh citrus notes cute through the spiciness of barbecued chicken and the fattiness of salmon.

Tip# 4: Be Open

Be open to trying different food and wine combinations.

Tip# 5: Like = Like

Pairings are ultimately subjective. If you like to drink it, you’ll most likely like to cook with it.

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