Fun Lunch Idea: Rocket Ship Sandwich

Blast off to veggie land with this awesome sandwich!

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Got a picky eater on your hands? It’ll be a lot easier to get your kid excited about eating veggies when you make her a cool rocket ship sandwich, like this one we found on Ziggity Zoom.

With a bit of slicing and arranging, your little one’s favourite sandwich will be spruced up with lots of colourful vegetables. It’s easy to substitute in different veggies that you know she is more likely to gobble up without a fuss, or hide some in the sandwich as well. She will no longer associate them with being “icky,” but as cool accessories to her edible rocket ship.

What you’ll need:
• White bread
• Whole wheat bread
• Radish
• Cheese
• Assorted peppers
• Cucumber
• Sandwich filling of your choice

The complete list of ingredients and directions for this recipe can be found on the Ziggity Zoom site. We think this creative sandwich is a great way for kids to get into the habit of eating vegetables.

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