15 Grapefruit Recipes

Grapefruit is one of those flavours that is perfect all year round...add it to your dinner this week and see what we mean

All of a sudden we’re craving grapefruit. Why do we love it so much? We needed answers…so we asked Chef Cory Vitiello (from The Harbord Room and Flock Rotisserie) why he loves it (because honestly, we probably love it for the same reasons as he does). Here’s what he said (and 15 recipes to add to your repertoire):

“I’m often surprised at how many dishes can be recreated with grapefruit giving them their signature.  Classic desserts, grilled meats, fish dishes, salads and dressings can all take on a new look and taste with the addition of grapefruit.  Be bold in the kitchen, use recipes as templates and leave room for experimentation and mistakes.  This is the only way to build up your own database, and once in a while you’ll be amazed at what you’ve created.”


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