Green Peas, Please! 10 Tempting Recipes

Parents have every reason to love serving up peas. Full of B-vitamins, minerals and a great source of vitamin K (the wound-healing vitamin!), just one cup of peas is all it takes to add a surprising amount of nutrition to dinner. And when early summer hits, shelling peas are the perfect veggie to get kids in the kitchen – they love tearing away stems, unzipping the pods and plucking out the sweet green pearls inside.

Look for shelling peas with firm, bright green pods that aren’t too tough or thick. When buying pre-shelled peas they should smell grassy—not sour—and watch that none are turning yellow.

Fun fact: Did you know Canada is the world’s largest exporter of peas? While frozen and canned are available year-round, fresh peas are only here in June and July, so don’t miss out on this sweet Canadian crop.

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