The Ultimate in Grill Gear

Love to grill? Wondering what you need other than a kick-butt charcoal or gas barbecue? Here is a list of the ultimate grill gear.



Grilling has to be our favourite way to cook—especially when it’s warm enough outside to linger on the patio, deck or in the yard. But, what accoutrements do you really need, other than your trusty barbecue? We’ve got a few ideas of the perfect grill gear, whether it’s for a host or hostess gift, a summer housewarming gift or just a wee gift for the griller in your house.

Burger Stuffer


Sometimes a regular burger is just not enough. You want one with the right stuff! This tool makes easy work of creating neatly stuffed 1/2 lb or 3/4 lb patties, and is just as easy to clean.

Outset Burger Stuffer, $13.49. Available at

High Temperature Grilling Gloves


To ensure maximum dexterity at the grill reach for these high-temperature gloves with silicone grip pattern on the palm.  Two in each set.

Weber High-Temperature Silicone-Grip Grilling Gloves, $29.99. Available at WalMart


Novelty Barbecue Lighters


These days, barbecue lighters come in all shapes and sizes. How about one that looks like a fishing rod or a screw driver? I mean…why not?

Novelty Barbecue Lighters, $16.99. Available at Barbecues Galore


Cast Iron Basting Pot and Brush


This ideal sized pot is perfect for barbecuing sauces. Features nesting handle for brush meaning no more lost brushes!

Outset Cast Iron Basting Pot and Brush, $35.99. Available at


Chimney Starter


It’s time to ditch the lighter fluid. The simplest and safest way to ignite your charcoal briquettes is with this Rapidfire Chimney Starter. Just fill it with briquettes, place it on top of lighter cubes or crumpled newspaper, and light.

Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter, $22.99. Available at

Barbecue Grilling Sheets


The Cookina Reusable Grilling Sheet is a great alternative to aluminum foil, grills up to up to 550°F and still delivers coveted grill marks! It’s also reusable and super-easy to clean.

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Cookina Reuseable Grilling Sheets, $14.99. Available at Canadian Tire.

Stainless Steel Spatula & Tongs


This Weber stainless steel two-piece portable tool set has a compact 14 inch length that is ideal for camping, picnics, and urban dwellers. Includes locking tongs.

Weber Stainless Steel 2-Piece Grill Set, $31.99. Available at


High-Heat Nonstick Steel Grill Roaster


Safe for temperatures up to 660°F, this roaster enables you to fire up the flavour of your favourite foods directly on the grill—from meat and poultry to fresh seasonal vegetables. Its perforated design brings food in contact with the flame for delicious smoky flavor without losing ingredients to the fire.

High-Heat Nonstick Steel Grill Roaster, #61.73. Available at Williams-Sonoma.

Grilling Planks


These all natural Western Red Cedar, Western Maple and Alder grilling planks take salmon or seafood to a heavenly level. These will be a hit for any BBQ party!

Prices vary according to size (appetizer, small, medium and large). Available at West Wind


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