Grow Your Own Candy

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If your kids have a sweet tooth, make them do a little prep work, before getting to satisfy that craving with a sweet treat. Making rock candy is a fun way to teach your kids a bit about science, and keep them occupied for an hour!

It only takes about 10 minutes to prepare these sugary treats, but they won’t start to form for at least an hour, and will continue to grow for days after.

You will need:

– sugar
– water
– assorted food coloring
– glass jars
– string
– pencils outlines the specific instructions on how to make rock candy; they provide the ingredient measurements and preparation details that you will need.

The main idea is to dissolved the sugar in the water, over heat. From there, pour it into the jar and tie string to the pencil, which will then sit across the jar, with the string submerged in the solution.

Crystals will start to form within the first hour, but if you want candy that looks like what you would see in stores, you will have to get your kids to hold out longer – probably for a few days!

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