Holiday Food and Wine Pairing Made Easy

Want to perfectly pair all of your foods with wine this holiday season? We've got tips and notes from the experts.


With the big day right around the corner, everyone is baking and cooking up a storm. While we know the food is (seriously) important, we also know the wine we put with the meals and appetizers and snacks and desserts is (seriously) important too. So we asked for some opinions on wine pairing from some (serious) wine experts at PMA Canada.

Pairing Wine with Food Over the Holidays

Hors D’oeuvres and Appetizers  


Osborne Solaz is a versatile, easy-drinking wine that pairs with everything from succulent red meat dishes and roast chicken, to tapas-style hors d’oeuvres. With flavours of ripe fruit and black chocolate on the palate, this wine is the perfect accompaniment  to any holiday meal. Make sure to check out our 101 Easy Appetizer Recipes




Traditional Turkey dinner with all the trimmings 

Nothing beats the classic holiday dinner of roasted turkey along an assortment of traditional fixings. Add an additional layer of elegance to the meal by  serving it alongside the Saint Clair Family Estate Chardonnay. Well rounded on the palate with just a hint of spice, the wine pairs perfectly with roasted poultry and potatoes.


When looking to impress a crowd, it’s either go big or go home! Perfectly cooked roasts make for crowd pleasing and satisfying additions to any holiday gathering. Roasted pork makes for a beautiful pairing with  with the Emiliana Novas, know for its great balance, fruity notes and touch of black pepper on the palate. Roast beef pairs well with the multi-award winning Montecillo Reserva. The wine enhances the flavour of red meat dishes with its spicy notes of vanilla and black fruit. For those with a preference for full-flavoured meats such as, lamb, the Fleur du Cap Cabernet Sauvignon is a fitting selection, boasting the elegant flavours of oak spice that can stand up to the meat’s richness.


For those with a preference for seafood, the Durbanville Hills Atlantic View Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect complement. Medium-bodied wine with subtle citrus and tropical fruit notes, this selection pairs beautifully with uncomplicated seafood dishes.

Pasta Primavera 

Despite the decadence of the holiday season, there is always room for those with a taste for lighter fare. A pasta primavera filled with seasonal vegetables makes for a festive serving that is still hearty and satisfying. The Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc is light-bodied and refreshing, pairing expertly with grilled and roasted vegetables,with a pleasing, herbaceous thread that leads into a long, lingering finish.  




While wine is, more often than not, served with savoury foods, there are a few tips to help you find the right wine to pair with a dessert to finish off the meal. First take into consideration acidity—try to match the acidity of the dish to the wine. Fruit is naturally acidic so try pairing fruit-based dishes, such as pie, with an acidic wine. Secondly, the more intensely flavoured dessert, the more intense the wine should be. Lastly, a dessert wine should be sweeter than the dish being served.


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