An Amazing Matzoh Brei Recipe + Cute Passover Craft

Celebrate passover with a tasty Matzo Brei recipe, plus a kid-friendly craft that's perfect for your family's Seder

Photo by Angela Coppola for Jewish Holidays Cookbook (DK Publishing)

As the sun sets on Friday evening, families across Canada will begin the Jewish celebration of Passover, an eight-day-long festival that commemorates the struggles of the ancient Israelites.

One of the most important parts of Passover is the Seder, in which family and friends gather to share a meal built upon rituals that act as a reminder of the special significance of the holiday. The meal features unleavened bread called matzoh, which is a key part of the Seder celebration.

With so much history and meaning behind the celebration of Passover, you may wish to teach your kids about this special holiday, whether with a traditional Passover Seder, or less formally with a delicious family breakfast including Matzoh Brei—with all the yumminess of French toast, but made with matzoh instead of bread. offers a full guide to the Passover celebration, including videos and stories for kids.

Looking for a fun Passover craft for your kids? offers step-by-step instructions to help little ones craft their own felted afikomen bag for the Seder celebration.

Does your family celebrate Passover? What is your favourite tradition or ritual?

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