How To Deep-Fry a Turkey

Deep-fried turkey? Yes, please!
It all started late last summer when our food editor, LeeAnne, bought a big kettle cooker and told me that she deep-fried a turkey for her husband’s birthday and it was absolutely delicious. At first I was a little shocked that she would do this: LeeAnne is a very healthy eater and not the type I pictured deep-frying anything (and I had associated deep-fried turkey with Christmas-time trailer park mishaps in the southern US), but when she told me that she measured how much oil was left in the cooker and that the whole bird absorbed less than a 1/4 cup, I was intrigued enough to mention this to my husband. It turns out that cooking meat in a deep fryer is something he’s always wanted to do and he immediately went out and bought one.

Our first attempt at deep-fried turkey wasn’t without incident, so I strongly recommend that you follow the instructions in our video that have been truly Family Tested dozens of times.

Try it—you will love it—but here are the top three things to remember:

1. Use the right amount of oil. Before you add the oil, fill the pot with water, submerge the turkey to gauge the amount of oil you will need. If you skip this step, it will get ugly and this will happen.

2. Pat the turkey/chicken/capon/duck dry before you submerge it in the oil, and make sure it is fully thawed, or this will be the result.

3. Never leave your cooker unattended and always have a fire extinguisher nearby.

Here’s a delicious brine recipe to make your turkey even juicer.

And here are some delicious stuffing and vegetable dishes to serve with your deep-fried turkey. Enjoy!

– Jen, CF’s editor-in-chief

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