How to Eat Local If You Eat Out

Photo by IStockphoto

We can make decisions easily enough in the grocery store, but how do we know if our favourite restaurant is sourcing local foods? We spoke to Paul Sawtell, co-founder of 100km Foods, a company that connects Toronto-area restaurants with local food producers, to find out. First off, Sawtell recommends checking in with organizations like Local Food Plus.

“They certify producers as being both local and sustainable and have links on their website where you can find local and sustainable food,” says Sawtell. “It’s a partial list, but it’s a good start.”

Next, ask your favourite spots if they source local foods.

“Showing there is a demand for locally sourced products is going to be the strongest influence on a business, especially if their customers are demanding it.”

Not only does local food cut down on pollution from transport and refrigeration, it also supports local farmers.

“Every family knows their doctor, their dentist, their mechanic,” adds Sawtell, “but how many know their farmer, who is likely the single most important determinant of their family’s health?”

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