How to Use Your Pressure Cooker

A few tips on how to safely and effectively use your pressure cooker for fast and delicious family dinners


Pressure cookers prepare food faster by trapping steam, which creates pressure and increases the boiling point of liquids. This makes pressure-cooking a perfect option when time is scarce.

How to Safely and Effectively Use Your Pressure Cooker:

  • Brown meat first and then add vegetables. Scrape off all of the brown bits from the bottom and sides to prevent scorching.
  • Begin timing once safety lock has popped into place.
  • If the pressure gets too high, the safety release valve will kick in and release excess pressure. Simply reduce heat slightly until valve stops hissing.
  • After cooking time has finished, release the pressure quickly for delicate, fast-cooking foods: place a tea towel over the safety release valve to protect yourself from the steam, then lift valve release up. When pressure has been released, the cooker is safe to open.
  • For larger pieces of protein, stews or chili, use the natural release method: turn off heat at the end of the cooking time and leave the cooker to slowly release the pressure on its own; it usually takes 10-15 minutes.

A Few Recipes To Try With Your Pressure Cooker:


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