Indulge in a Corny Cobcake Treat

Image Courtesy of Family Fun Magazine

Corn season is upon us and what better way to pay homage to it’s return than by feasting on some sweet Corn on the Cobcake from Family Fun Magazine. It looks like corn, but it certainly doesn’t taste like it, that’s because it’s actually cupcakes and jelly beans!

Had you fooled, didn’t we?

To whip up this summer-y treat you will need:

– White and yellow jelly beans
– White-frosted cupcakes
– White decorating sugar
– Yellow Starburst candies

It’s easier to create than you might think!

First, press rows of jelly bean kernels onto the frosted cupcakes (do this in sets of three). Then, line the cupcakes and sprinkle the tops with decorating sugar. Finish it off by garnishing the cobs with a candy butter pat. To accomplish this, simply microwave a Starburst for eight seconds and stretch it to resemble a butter shape.

Add an authentic touch by serving it with corn holders on corn plates.

Of course, you should also serve up the real deal. Check out some of these corn recipes for a new take on an old favourite: Whole Wheat Nachos with Corn, Grilled Salmon on Corn Salsa, Cheese and Corn Quesadillas, Black Bean and Grilled Corn Salsa.

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