May the Fourth Be With You: 13 Fun Activities to Celebrate Star Wars Day

Ready to celebrate, you are.

Fans of George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise are so dedicated, that they even lobbied to have an unofficial holiday named after the iconic film series.

The reason for the connection is obvious: the popular phrase “may the force be with you” sounds an awful lot like “May the fourth be with you.” In fact, it was a German reporter who mistakenly translated it that way back in 2005, and unintentionally helped to initiate the event.

Canadians have been at the forefront of May the Fourth celebrations. The first organized party took place in 2011 in Toronto, complete with trivia, costumes, and parodies.

How to celebrate the day with family (after watching the movie, of course)? What better way than with some scrumptious treats and fun crafts you can make with your kids?

Here are 13 really neat ideas.


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