The New Superfoods

The latest nutritional powerhouses and where to find them

The New Superfoods1. Chia
Chia seeds — yes, like the pet — have eight times the omega-3 fatty acid of salmon and three times the antioxidant strength of blueberries (the white ones go by the brand name Salba). A recent University of Toronto study demonstrated chia’s remarkable powers to lower blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Sprinkle ground chia in cereals or substitute
for equal amounts of flour in baked goods. Buy ground chia from Canadian-based Salba Nutritional Solutions.

2. Sea buckthorn berries
Long lauded in Europe and China, sea buckthorn berries have been hailed as the new superfruit, mainly for their high share of antioxidants and nutritional value. The juicy orange-coloured berries are high in beta carotene and vitamins C and E. The berries can have 10 times more vitamin C than an orange! Sea buckthorn berries are seen as a promising crop for Canada, perfectly suited for the climate and soil found in the Prairie provinces. The fresh berries taste very sour, but can be made into a jelly that kids love on toast with cream cheese, or mix the juice with another fruit juice to sweeten it up a bit. They can be found fresh in August at some specialty farms or frozen in Eastern European food shops.

3. Goji berries
Small, red and shrivelled, goji berries are super-delicious portable snacks. They’re packed with 18 kinds of amino acids, all eight essential amino acids, up to 21 trace minerals and more carotenoids than any other food (they even have more beta carotene than carrots). Goji berries contain vitamins B1, B2, B6 and vitamin E. They also contain abundant polysaccharides, which strengthen the immune system and slow the aging process (they are sometimes referred to as the “anti-aging berry”). Kids will gobble dried berries just as they are, or they can be used in baking as a super-healthy raisin substitute. Buy these treats at health food, bulk or Asian grocery stores.

4. Coconut oil
Cold pressed, unrefined virgin coconut oil is a heart-healthy saturated fat that is naturally free of trans fat. It contains lauric acid, which is a medium-chain fatty acid found in breast milk that can help prevent heart disease. Full of flavour, coconut oil can be used in dairy-free baking as a substitute for butter in your favourite carrot cake, or for pan sautéing in place of other oils.

New superfood smoothie
Just add ice to the newest superfoods for a nutritional treat

Combine ½ cup of sea buckthorn berries and ½ cup milk. Purée in blender, then strain out seeds. Add ½ cup raspberries and ½ chopped mango and blend. Add ¼ cup of plain probiotic yogurt, 2 tablespoons each of ground Salba, honey and goji berries and 1 cup of ice and purée. Thin with water if required. Serve immediately with a straw. Makes 2 servings.

“The smoothie was smooth and creamy, highly nutritious and delicious!”
Johnathon, 14, Toronto

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