Pick of the Week: Nestle Mini Drumsticks

There is never a wrong time for ice cream. It’s true. Just ask my kids. And my friends and co-workers. Especially now, as the weather is getting nicer and nicer, a sweet and cold treat on a cone sounds delicious at just about any time of the day. My kids yelp when they hear the familiar music blasting from the ice cream truck and they start screaming and salivating as we pass any ice cream or frozen yogurt store. I must admit, I don’t really blame them.

For this very reason, I am delighted to tell you about four of my new best friends. Meet cookie dough, vanilla caramel, chocolate and fudge brownie. These are the four new flavours of Nestle’s Mini Drumsticks. Yes. You read that right. Mini. As in, just the right size for children and for snacking at any time of the day. At just 110 calories each, a mini drumstick is a (mostly) guilt-free snack for moms, and a perfect-sized snack for little ones.

It’s win-win, really.

Oh, and also? There’s minimal mess involved. Just when you thought ice cream couldn’t get any better…

Nestle Mini Drumstick vanilla and chocolate variety packs, $9, available at grocery stores across Canada.

—Ali, Senior Associate Editor of Cf.ca

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