Pretty Holiday Baking Gift Idea

This season I'll be finding the strength of ten Grinches to bake pretty presents with my toddler.

When I became a mom, my small heart grew three sizes that day. Now that my son is two (hooray!), I’ve been struggling with how to show him that Christmas is about giving, it doesn’t come from a store. Perhaps that it means a little bit more.

And then the true meaning came through: there’s a reason why people bake for each other. (The old Grinch in me thought that gift-baking was for chumps. Who wants to eat something from a home, not health-inspected, kitchen?) But getting your child involved in making something really does deliver the message of giving.

Which is why this year I’m all about the Baker’s Gift Loaf Pan set from President’s Choice. Made of a gorgeous silicone-coated, parchment-ish paper: you bake your loaf in it, then tie it with one of the ruby red ribbons. Tada! Beautiful. And also a smart night-before, last-minute gift solution.

PC Baker’s Gift Loaf Pans are available nationwide for a price even the surliest Grinch will like: $9.99 for a five-pack.

–Melissa, CF‘s lifestyle editor

PS: These three loaf ideas are foolproof, delicious and outside the box:

• I made this Glazed Lemon Pound Cake recipe last year, and it turned out very, very well.

• This savoury turkey meatloaf is delish and would make any new mom or pressed-for-time mom very happy.

• How fun and kid-friendly would this sparkling jell-o fruit loaf be with fizzy cranberry juice?

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