How to Spruce Up a Sandwich for Lunch

Sometimes a sandwich is the only thing we have the time or energy for on school mornings. But bread and meat? We need to tempt those wee taste buds a little bit more—in order to make sure they actually eat their lunch—so we need inspiration. Quickly. Here are a few excellent ways to turn a hum-drum sammie into a lunch they’ll love.

See below for even more tips to spruce up a hum-drum lunch for your littles.

More Tips:

  • While many people like how mayo fuses a sandwich, both hummus and avocado can provide a similar effect while having more flavour and many more nutrients.
  • If regular meat and cheese has gotten boring, try adding something new: olives, cucumbers, sprouts, bell peppers, etc.
  • When packing lettuce or tomatoes, put them in separate containers until the sandwich is ready to be eaten. This way you don’t end up with soggy sandwich.
  • Pack a small container with dressing, hot sauce or gravy to dip the sandwich in. Yum!
  • Make a sandwich out of leftover rolls, buns, pita bread, or biscuits.


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