Start a New Tradition: Decorated Christmas Doughnuts

Photography by Ryan A. Monson

Doughy and sugary, chewy and sweet, doughnuts are one of life’s sweetest offerings as far as we’re concerned. And these doughnuts from Calgary’s Jelly Modern Doughnuts really take the, er, cake.

If you’re in the Calgary area, you can pick some of these beauties up at their store, or you can order them for delivery. They also sell a brilliant Jelly Doughnut Decorating Kit from Jelly for $9.95.  It includes two three doughnuts, sprinkles, coloured icing, a knife and a box and stickers and markers to decorate your box.

For the rest of us, however, we’ll just have to daydream about how wonderful these taste and make some for ourselves. Just pick up a dozen of your favourite doughnuts, a few supplies, and you’ll be ready to recreate these festive treats. We asked the lovely folks at Jelly Modern to share a few helpful hints on how to make these at home.

1. You should use gel paste food colouring rather than liquid food colouring as they give a deeper richer pigment. These can be found at most craft stores and baking supplies stores.

2. When making glazes and icings, always use unsalted butter. At room temperature it will provide a firmer medium to decorate.

3. Fondants and fun cutters can be purchased at local craft stores and are easily coloured with gel paste colours. Add gel paste to white fondant, knead to uniform colour, roll and cut as desired.

4. Should you have difficulties attaching sanding sugars or non pareils to your glazed doughnuts, spray the glaze with light misting of water and sprinkle again.

5. Use an icing bag and cake decorating tips to make decorative toppings.


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